English programmes

Talk Shows

May your coffee be strong but your faith stronger! Join us in this casual chit-chat show as we talk to Catholics from all walks of life to find out how they live their faith and the struggles they go through.

Join our brothers, Adrian Lim and Matthew Tan, as they discuss men’s issues especially in relation to their faith.

At the Table is a programme hosted by a bunch of young Catholic friends in Singapore. With each conversation, we celebrate the spirit of communion, the joy of homecoming, and the simple truth that there is always room for all at the table of the Lord.

Join our hosts as they talk to people that matter about current affairs issues from a faith perspective. Explore how we could approach different issues and topics with the charity and understanding derived from our faith. 

Catch our shepherds as they teach us our faith through this seasonal programme. 

For children aged between 4 and 10 years, this programme by children touches upon every day topics like school, friendships and more!

Listen to this upbeat take about the lives of Saints as we show how their lives can be made relevant in our own everyday living! 

Prayers & Reflections

We intersperse our radio programming with short prayers so that you, our listener, can experience God’s love through a grace moment. These include saying one decade of the Rosary for a specific intention, as well as prayers composed by Saints to lift our thoughts to our Lord God as we go through the day.