October 2020 – Special Programming in Honour of Mother Mary

Kopi Talk: Join us on a Marian series of the programme as we hear from Catholics who have encountered Mary in a personal way, and have grown closer to our Lord as a result. This is a 4-episode series commencing on 7 October (Wednesday) at 8 am.

Wednesdays: 8 am, 6.10 pm (Part 1 of conversation)
Thursdays: 8 am, 6.10 pm (Part 2)
Sundays: 8 am

Off the Pulpit: Hear Fr Derrick Yap, OFM, share about Mary and her role as Mother of the Church. This a 3-episode series starting on 5 October (Monday) at 8.30 pm.

Mondays: 8.30 pm
Saturdays: 10 am
Saturdays & Sundays: 2 pm

Pro-Life Rosary: Learn about the pro-life rosary and recite it with us every Saturday at 2.30pm.

Rosary in Different Languages & Dialects: To honour our Lady, pray the rosary with us in different languages at 8pm every Monday and Friday.

Date Language/ Dialect
2 Oct (Fri) Bahasa Indonesia
5 Oct (Mon) Malayalam
9 Oct (Fri) Cantonese
12 Oct (Mon) Bahasa Indonesia
16 Oct (Fri) Hokkien
19 Oct (Mon) Tagalog
23 Oct (Fri) Hainanese
26 Oct (Mon) Teochew
30 Oct (Fri) Tagalog